LTE Media Group has been operating as a full service marketing, promotion, sales, advertising, publishing and management business for the past 30 years. Originally focused in the entertainment field, we have offered full service promotional and marketing services, along with comprehensive personal management relationships serving many of the world’s top recording artists.

In the year 2005, the company expanded into the collegiate landscape by purchasing an 11 year old publication that served as the nation’s leading communication resource for fraternity and sorority life, reaching over one million college students annually. With this acquisition, the company inherited a large and established campus rep program that has expanded and been enhanced immeasurably over the past 6 years.

The company provides free communication and recruitment tools, plus discounts on goods and services to over 65 schools nationwide! In addition, we have been a leader in serving the local business community in building relationships with their local collegiate audience. Through our products and services, along with the strength of our campus rep program, we build highly sought after brand awareness for local businesses.

Our expansion into the collegiate marketplace allows us to use three decades of experience in all areas of media, including sales, marketing, advertising, PR, customer relations, social media, and other related fields.

LTE Media Group will continue to provide new and cutting edge communication resources for the collegiate audience, while offering highly valuable experience through our campus rep programs. In addition, we offer the latest in on-the-ground, word of mouth, event marketing and social media strategies for thousands of local businesses.